Wall cosmetic mirror square; 32×15 cm (LxW); silver; square

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A wall cosmetic mirror is a special service and perfectly complements the guest bathroom equipment of your hotel. The swiveling wall mirror available here is made of chrome-plated metal as well as the base of chrome-plated plastic with a shiny silver look and can be extended up to 32 cm. This allows for flexible use that your guests will appreciate. The vanity mirror is rotatable and offers single magnification on one side of the mirror and 5x magnification on the other. Whether for makeup or eyebrow plucking, this guest cosmetic mirror allows your guests to fully engage in personal hygiene and cosmetics. * Wall cosmetic mirror for equipping guest bathrooms in hotels. * Made of chrome-plated metal and plastic, suitable for humid areas * Beautiful silver look * Swivelling and rotatable * Up to 32 cm extendable * With one- and fivefold magnification * Easy mounting on the wall, mounting hardware is included * Available in different variants In well-equipped hotel rooms make-up mirror as a supplement to the normal bathroom mirror may not be missing. Not only ladies appreciate the accessories, gentlemen also look at themselves, for example, when grooming beard, like something more accurate. With the easy-to-mount wall cosmetic mirror, you can wonderfully round off the feel-good ambience in your guest bathrooms.


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