Twin table base Regulo; 56x13x72 cm (WxLxH); black; rectangular

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The annoying wobbling of tables has finally come to an end with the Regulo double table base! This is made possible by the special, patented FLAT technology. The hydraulically mounted floor glides adapt perfectly to uneven floors. This means that even several tables can be quickly and easily levelled out in height and simply lined up next to each other. Simply align the tables in the desired position. The fixing is then done by itself. Made of steel, you get this table base in an attractive appearance. * Double table base Regulo for gastronomy and hotel business * With patented FLAT technology to compensate for uneven floors * The dimensions of the restaurant table base are 56x72x13 cm (WxHxD). * Weight: 16 kg * Suitable only for indoor use Designed with great attention to detail, our products fit functionally into your ambience. Discover also table tops that you can combine perfectly with this double table base.


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