Toast/grill device T2; 45.5x24x36.5 cm (WxDxH); silver

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The toast/grill device (T2) is a true all-rounder that conjures up overbaked and toasted delicacies in minutes. For use in the catering industry, the electric toaster with overbaking function is ideally suited due to its uncomplicated handling, great performance and quick readiness for use within a few seconds. Your guests won’t have to wait long for their food and you’ll have your hands free for other tasks, while the device toasts and overbakes several loaves of bread at the same time. * Professional toaster and grill device in one * Powerful device (3,000 watts) * Ready for use after a few seconds * for toasting and overbaking several breads at the same time * Suitable for all types of bread * Infrared heating element protected against damage * Timer for two levels adjustable up to 15 minutes * Made of chrome-nickel stainless steel 18/10 * Stainless and easy to clean * Maximum temperature: 187°C (in 5 minutes) * Creates up to 300 toasts per hour * 2 years warranty The functional toaster with integrated function for over-baking ensures that even with increased guest numbers everything goes smoothly from the hand. Within a very short time, the overbaked breads are ready to be served. The electric appliance for professional use also scores with its robust workmanship and will serve you well for a long time. Note that the toast/gratin device is not suitable for continuous operation.


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