Thermo transport box top loader T300; 28000ml, 62x42x40.5 cm (LxWxH); orange

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Lightweight top loader. Ideal as a supplement or for small meals. In lid space for kitchen utensils (kitchen utensils not included). Capacity max. 4x GN 1/4 – 200 mm. Net capacity 28.0 liters. Weight 7.1 kg. For hot and cold transport of food in GN containers. High reliability, hygiene and very good temperature maintenance characterize the boxes. Made of high-quality, pollution-free polypropylene with double-walled polyurethane insulation (CFC-free). Seamless insulation foam. Thanks to the very good insulation, the heat loss is less than 1.5°C per hour. Cold loss only 0.5°C per hour. All containers are stackable with each other and suitable for temperatures between -40°C and +100°C. Suitable for dishwashers. Delivery without GN container. Please order matching gutters and GN containers at the same time.


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