Thermo transport box (front opening); 87000ml, 63.5x46x63 cm (LxWxH); grey

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* With 12 slide-in rails * Material: polypropylene with foam insulation * robust housing, absolutely rustproof, shock- and break-proof * temperature resistant from -40°C to +100°C * Suitable for all containers up to 1/1-GN and their subdivisions up to 1/3-GN up to max. 200 mm depth * Average temperature loss per hour for hot food 1.1°C and for chilled food 0.3°C * Built-in ventilation for pressure compensation * Molded, ergonomically shaped handles guarantee comfortable carrying * A 23 cm long nylon closure enables quick and safe opening and closing * Menu clip on the door to label the contents – the construction without loose seals guarantees easy cleaning * Door pivots up to 270° and is easily removable * Keeps your food warm for hours without the use of electricity * Optimal temperature maintenance can be ensured when the container is completely filled * The container can be placed in warm water for preheating or in the cold store for precooling. * Break-proof, ergonomic, molded-in handles allow comfortable carrying by 2 persons * Please order matching transport trolley (SKU 20071100) separately


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