Thermo transport box (front opening); 59000ml, 64.5×46.5×48.2 cm (LxWxH); grey

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With this thermal transport container you bring food safely and at a comfortable temperature to your customers and events. The transport box for professional needs, for example for catering services, has seven slide-in rails and offers space for all GN containers up to 1/1 GN, whereby for some sizes separately available intermediate bars are necessary. The Thermo Box is made of polyethylene with foam insulation and is temperature resistant from -40°C to +120°C. It is equipped with two plastic handles on the sides, which allow comfortable carrying. * Thermal transport container for transporting food * Made of polyethylene with foam insulation * Temperature range from -40°C to +120°C * For GN containers up to 1/1 GN * For 1/4 GN 3, for 1/6 and 1/9 GN 4 GN spacers in 325 mm each are required – please order at the same time! * 7 slide-in rails * Aaverage temperature loss after 2h: 6°C, for chilled food: 1.5°C * Optimal temperature maintenance when box is completely filled * Container can be placed in warm water for preheating, in a cold store for pre-cooling * Easy cleaning due to completely removable door * 2 plastic handles on the side for carrying * Vent lid in the door for pressure equalization inside * Stackable * Transport trolley and GN container available separately With this professional transport container, food arrives at its destination at a good temperature. You will find further accessories for transport in our range, for example trolleys on wheels, dividers for insertion as well as GN containers in different sizes.


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