Table knife Stockholm; 22.5 cm (L); silver, handle silver; 12 piece / Pack

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Table knife Stockholm If you appreciate clear shapes and want to set the tables of your gastronomic establishment in a simple and unobtrusive way, you are well advised to use the menu knife Stockholm. With its handle that widens towards the end and ends straight, the dinner knife has an extremely modern look. Its design comes completely without flourishes or overloaded decorations, instead, the knife scores with pure elegance – and practical features: It is easy to clean, high quality workmanship and fits comfortably in the hand. * Table knife in a clear, straightforward design * Modern, restrained and elegant look * To the back broadening handle, which ends straight * Noble impression by shining surface * Pleasant handle, perfect to guide * Material thickness suitable for gastronomy * Cutlery made of highly polished chrome steel 13/0 * Suitable for dishwashers The table knife Stockholm combines design with functionality. It is comfortable to hold and easy to guide, convinces with a good cutting performance and withstands many stresses. The table knife Stockholm can be complemented with other pieces of the cutlery series of the same name.


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