Table fork Decaso; 19.3 cm (L); silver, handle silver; 12 piece / Pack

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Table fork Decaso The Decaso table forks are a good choice for price-conscious restaurateurs. In combination with other products of the cutlery series, the forks are ideal for creating a basic configuration for hotels and restaurants. The table fork is made of highly polished 18/0 stainless steel, is easy to clean and leaves a good impression on your guests with its timeless shape. * Table fork for the basic equipment of hotels and gastronomic facilities * Inexpensive, attractive and functional * Made of mirror polished chrome steel 18/0 * Constant handle thickness for good grip while eating * Curved profile * Can be perfectly combined with other products in the series, such as knives and spoons * Series includes all cutlery relevant for the gastronomy * Suitable for dishwashers, easy to clean * Set contains 12 stainless steel forks The table forks fit well in the hand and fit into many interiors thanks to their discreet, straightforward design. It is advisable to combine the Decaso table forks with other cutlery in the range to ensure a uniform look on the table. The table forks can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, are durable and can be used universally * the ideal table forks for restaurateurs with a slim budget who do not want to do without stylish cutlery.


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