Swivel and stirring pan; 30×10 cm (ØxH); black; round

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* Cast aluminum pan for all types of stoves (including induction). * High quality all along the line * The professional cast iron pans are cast in one piece and completely stress-free in a complex hand-casting process, which prevents the pan body from deforming even at high temperatures * The titanium non-stick coating allows cooking without fat or oil, prevents sticking of the food and guarantees easy cleaning * Full-surface thermo-induction bottom with 8 mm thickness made of ferromagnetic special steel builds up a particularly strong magnetic field and thus ensures optimal energy absorption and uniform and rapid heating * Optimal heat storage and conduction in the pan body * Temperature resistant up to 420°C, can be used in the oven up to 250°C * Solid stainless steel cold handle ensures robust use and does not get hot when used on the stove * Perfectly suitable for flambéing * Coated pans are not suitable for dishwashers * Delivery without lid


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