Soap V-Touch Mauve; silver; 420 piece / Pack

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The mild soap V-Touch Mauve invigorates the senses! The solid wash piece weighing 20 g is perfect for the hotel sink and can be used for cleaning hands and face. The fragrant product awakens the spirits in the morning. The solid hotel soap smells enchantingly of lily of the valley, cyclamen, lemon, anise, bergamot and white musk – a feast for the senses! * Solid bar of soap for hotel equipment * For cleaning hands, face and body * Best cleaning properties and comprehensive care * With vitalizing vitamin C * Beguiling fragrance of lily of the valley, cyclamen, anise, lemon, bergamot and white musk * Dermatologically tested * Made in Europe * Without paraben * Individually packed in cardboard box, 20 g per piece Make every hand washing of your guests a vitalizing experience with the mild soap V-Touch Mauve! The soap has the best care properties and is suitable for frequent washing. The delicate fragrance adheres and provides a long-lasting feeling of freshness.


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