Shoe polishing machine; 40×25.8×24 cm (WxHxD); grey

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Ultra-shiny shoes in the blink of an eye – thanks to this functional shoe shine machine, you can provide your guests with a special service in your hotel. The electric shoe shine convinces with its compact size and uncomplicated operation. The on/off switch can be operated with the foot without any problems. A rubber honeycomb mat picks up the dirt from the shoes and is removable for cleaning. The classic brush shoe shine machine finds room everywhere and scores with a good cleaning performance. * hotel shoe shine machine for quick cleaning of shoes * foot on/off switch for comfortable operation * effective cleaning with brushes * removable rubber honeycomb mat absorbs dirt * robust steel construction * compact shape, easily stowed away * 2 years warranty * shoe polish and spare brushes can be ordered separately When your guests are on their way to an important business meeting or celebration, they will be grateful for your house’s shoe shine service. Thanks to its space-saving design, this durable shoe polish machine can be stored anywhere and cleans footwear quickly and thoroughly.


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