Shampoo V-Touch Nature (for hair and body); multicolored; 216 piece / Pack

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Hair shampoo V-Touch Nature The shampoo V-Touch Nature gives your guests a hair wash that beguiles the senses. The liquid shampoo in the practical bottle in natural design cleanses the hair mildly and gently. It contains nourishing components such as olive oil and plant extracts that help the hair to become stronger. At the same time it exudes a ravishing and vitalizing fragrance that tells of nature. * Invigorating hair shampoo of the hotel cosmetics series V-TOUCH * Dermatologically tested * Enriched with natural ingredients from plant extracts * With nourishing olive oil * Invigorating fragrance of rosemary, orange blossom, white nettle, anise and white musk * Made in Europe * Without paraben * In a decorative and practical 40 ml bottle with screw cap Washing your hair with V-Touch Nature shampoo means invigorating care with the best care components. The natural care ingredients mildly cleanse and strengthen the hair. Your guests will enjoy the sensual experience all around. The care shampoo is decoratively packaged and fits into any ambience.


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