Shampoo Amber Spa; amber; 128 piece / Pack

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Hair shampoo Amber Spa The Amber Spa shampoo from the care series of the same name offers your guests a sensual experience. The amber-colored care shampoo in an elegant portion bottle cleanses the hair reliably and mildly, while at the same time making it silky soft and shiny. The care experience is underpinned by an extraordinary fragrance that makes shampooing a real pleasure. Fine fruity notes and spices shake hands to create an exquisite fragrance experience that is suitable for both men and women. * Hair shampoo from the Amber Spa series for hotel use * Amber color * Dermatologically tested * Gentle cleaning and care for all hair types * Selected ingredients * With finest fragrance components of peach, raspberry, bergamot, vanilla, white musk, violet, rose and lemongrass * Made in Europe * Without paraben * In a practical 35 ml bottle with screw cap With the hotel shampoo Amber Spa you provide your guests with a touch of luxury feeling when washing their hair. The elegant bottle and the high-quality care formula inspire just as the delicate fragrance of exquisite extracts.


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