Serving trolley Serve 3BL; 103x53x94.5 cm (WxDxH); silver

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This is how professional tableware transport works in the catering industry! With the serving trolley available here, you have a robust, functional transport trolley for daily use. Available are versions with two or three shelves, each of which can carry up to 80 kg load. The shelves offer plenty of space for dishes, cutlery, glasses and anything else you want to transport. The stainless steel service cart is easy to steer thanks to the four casters. In addition, it is equipped with sound-absorbing anti-drumming mats on the shelves, making it pleasantly quiet. * Serving trolley for catering needs * Classic, simple design * For transporting dishes, cutlery and much more * Made of chrome-nickel stainless steel 18/10 * Stainless and easy to clean * Frame with stable round tube of 2.5 cm diameter * Shelves with sound-absorbing anti-drumming mats * Load capacity per shelf: 80 kg * Available with 2 or 3 shelves * 4 corrosion-protected castors * 2 castors with locking brakes for a safe stand * Uncomplicated handling * Waste and cutlery container to be ordered at the same time! * Delivery takes place assembled With the stainless steel serving trolley, you make the transport of dishes and other things much easier and at the same time provide more safety in everyday gastronomy. The risk of breaking something is much lower on the serving trolley than when transporting it in your hands or on trays. Stability is also ensured, as two of the four castors are equipped with brakes.


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