Serving trolley Elementary 3BM; 89x54x93 cm (WxDxH); silver

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On this classically designed serving trolley you can transport dishes, cutlery and much more in a safe and professional way. The service cart is made of sturdy chrome steel and equipped with three shelves that provide plenty of storage space. The load capacity per shelf is 40 kg, the maximum total load is 120 kg. The trolley runs on four casters, two of which you can lock. A safe stand is thus ensured. On the tubular frame, the gastro trolley is easy to hold and easy to control. * Serving trolley for catering needs * Classic, functional design * Rolling trolley for safe, easy transport of dishes, cutlery and much more * Made of chrome stainless steel 18/0 * With 3 shelves: large storage area * Shelf size: 83 x 50.5 cm * Load capacity per shelf: 40 kg, maximum total load: 120 kg * 4 castors, 2 of them with brakes for a safe stand * Uncomplicated handling * Matching waste and cutlery containers available separately * Delivery is disassembled, easy assembly With this serving trolley, you get a basic model that reliably fulfills its purpose day after day and allows you to bring large loads from A to B without exertion. The gastro serving trolley is delivered disassembled, but assembly is easy. Order suitable cutlery and waste containers for your kitchen trolley best right away!


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