Row connectors pack of 2; 6.5x4x4 cm (WxDxH); black; 2 piece / Pack

1.506 kr.

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Einingar: 2, Einingarverð: 753 kr.


This lounge series is made of high-quality brand braid for maximum indoor and outdoor use. Particularly durable and UV-resistant, this series offers a lot of advantages: The basic element is – in three attractive colors – the basic module for all forms. With a connecting element (item 99679) you can connect it to the lounge or couch as you wish. Up to 3 side elements can be fastened to each base element. The base element can also be used as a lounge table in conjunction with our table top (item 89599). The sturdy aluminum frame stands on high-quality feet in stainless steel. For a lounge corner please always order a back and a shortened side cushion. Fastening material is attached to the side element. High-quality brand braid, durable and UV-resistant! Weatherproof! Feet in stainless steel! Individually usable! Easy construction. Delivered disassembled.


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