Room safe Lock; 40×19.5×41 cm (WxHxD); grey

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Providing your hotel guests with their own room safe is a sign of good service. The model offered here scores with an uncomplicated operation and offers best security for the valuables of your guests. The hotel safe has a key lock that is opened by means of a code. The large digital display shows the safe code entered via the number keys in a clearly legible manner, so that accidental incorrect entries are avoided. An emergency opening key as well as a master code are included, so that you have the possibility to open the guest safe in case of emergency. * Room safe for hotels * Safe and comfortable to use * Made of sturdy steel * Offers space for the most important valuables of your guests * Key lock – uncomplicated to handle * Opening by secret code * Large, battery-operated display shows code clearly to prevent incorrect entries (batteries not included, 4x 1.5 V AA batteries are required) * Supplied with emergency opening key and master code * Mounting material included * 2 years warranty The steel room safe securely locks away important documents, money and valuable items. The sturdy steel housing is durable and cannot be cracked without the proper code. The hotel room safe has drill holes on the bottom and back panel and can be mounted with the included mounting hardware to prevent theft.


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