Plate dispenser for 20 plates; 29×21 cm (ØxH); white

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With this practical plate dispenser you can safely store plates when you want to store or transport the dishes. The round steel frame is coated with plastic and absolutely gentle to the plates inside. The dishes are placed in the insert from above, held securely and cannot fall out. The plate holder is suitable, for example, for use in transport boxes and as a plate dispenser in the canteen or for catering and party services. * Plate dispenser for storage and transport of plates * Sturdy round steel frame holds plates securely in place * White plastic coating has a shock-absorbing effect and protects the dishes * Good for storage and transport * Also suitable for serving plates at buffets and parties * Available in many sizes – suitable for all common horeca plate sizes The steel plate dispenser is an extremely useful helper, especially for catering businesses that need to transport dishes frequently. For storage in the house, the plate racks are also excellent. The possibilities of use are manifold. Order the matching transport boxes at the same time. Furthermore, you will also find cup dispensers in our range.


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