Pizza/Steak knife Londrina; 22.3 cm (L); silver; 6 piece / Pack

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Pizza knife/Steak knife Londrina You are the owner of a pizzeria or a steak restaurant and want to make sure that your guests can enjoy your culinary delicacies in a relaxed way? Then the right cutlery is already a good start. The Londrina pizza/steak knife allows your guests to slice pizzas and steaks without frustration, thanks to its serrated edge for optimal cutting performance. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, is easy to clean and impresses with a simple, pleasing design. * High quality knife for steaks and pizza * With serrated edge for perfect cutting * Also suitable for poultry and shanks * Discreet design, pleasant feel * Easy to guide * Made of highly polished chrome steel 13/0 * Stainless and dishwasher safe * Fits perfectly to the pizza/steak fork Londrina With its special serrated edge, the Londrina pizza/steak knife cuts crispy pizza and juicy steaks effortlessly and is also suitable for eating poultry and shanks. Its handle is balanced in the hand, which allows the steak knife to be optimally guided. The pizza knife easily withstands washing in the dishwasher without becoming dull or losing quality. You can order the matching fork from the Londrina series at the same time.


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