Pepper mill Walker; 6×13.5 cm (ØxH); transparent

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Pepper mill With its rounded, slightly squat design, this pepper mill fits perfectly into cosy and traditional surroundings. It is the perfect partner for the salt mill in the same design and should always be combined with it on the table. Providing guests with salt and pepper at the table is part of good manners, after all, everyone has an individual sense of taste. With the pepper mill your guests can season their food to their heart’s content and at the same time enjoy the sight of the peppercorns, which are clearly visible through the transparent acrylic glass. The grinding mechanism inside is made of robust carbon steel. * pepper mill for gastronomy * rounded, stocky design * acrylic glass housing, transparent * carbon steel grinder (lifetime warranty*) * durable and functional * uncomplicated filling with peppercorns * salt mill available in the same design, as well as suitable spice trays * delivery without contents Salt and pepper should not be missing on any dining table and with the help of the pepper and salt mills available here they can even be presented in a decorative way. The spice mills are long-lasting and will serve you well in everyday use. * The guarantee can only be redeemed with the original invoice. The guarantee only applies to professional handling and normal use.


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