Pepper mill Alma with salt shaker; 3.6×9.5×3.6 cm (WxHxD); transparent

2.435 kr.

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Pepper mill with salt shaker Alma The pepper mill with salt shaker Alma immediately catches one’ s eye due to its clever design. The pepper mill and salt shaker are combined here in a practical spice shaker. In the lower acrylic glass chamber are the peppercorns, which are freshly ground over the food with the help of the ceramic grinding mechanism. The salt is filled into the upper chamber and scattered over the food by your guests holding the utensil upside down. * pepper mill and salt shaker in one * handy size, smart construction * uncomplicated handling * space-saving, as two functions are combined in one container * housing made of transparent acrylic glass * ceramic pepper mill grinder (lifetime guarantee*) Who needs separate pepper and salt shakers when you can have both in one practical utensil? The Alma pepper mill with integrated salt shaker is particularly practical for small tables where there is little space for accessories. * The guarantee can only be redeemed with the original invoice. The guarantee only applies to professional handling and normal use.


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