Pasta plate Premiora; 650ml, 30×6.5 cm (ØxH); cream white; round; 12 piece / Pack

68.609 kr.

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Einingar: 12, Einingarverð: 5.717 kr.


The pasta plate Premiora inspires with a classic round shape and a noble, versatile design. The deep plate is ideal for arranging and serving appetizers, main courses or desserts. The tasteful dinner plate is made of high-quality premium porcelain, which is particularly cut and scratch resistant and features increased edge impact resistance. Thus, the tableware easily withstands the everyday stresses of the catering industry. * Round pasta plate in a classic, timeless design * Suitable for many dishes – from main course to dessert * First-class workmanship * Made of high-quality premium porcelain * Particularly cut and scratch resistant * Increased edge impact resistance * Stackable for space-saving storage * Easy to clean * Dishwasher safe and microwaveable The Premiora pasta plate is made of sturdy premium porcelain, which is excellently crafted and features high resistance. The deep plate is completely uncomplicated to handle, which proves to be extremely practical in daily service. Washing in the dishwasher, the pasta plate survives just as unscathed as use in the microwave. Buon appetito!


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