Mild soap Green Tea; black; 240 piece / Pack

15.900 kr.

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Einingar: 240, Einingarverð: 66 kr.
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Mild soap Green Tea pampers your guests with beneficial ingredients. The solid bar of soap reliably cleanses the face and hands. The hand soap is enriched with the soothing and high-quality extracts of green tea and is thus in the best wellness tradition. Your guests can feel, see and especially smell the nourishing properties of the soap bar: Beguiling aromas of lemon, anise, bergamot and white musk provide long-lasting freshness. * Solid soap for hotel use * Dermatologically tested * With green tea extracts for especially soothing and calming care * Smells of lemon, anise, bergamot and white musk * High quality care like in a spa * Made in Europe * Without paraben * Puristically packed 20 g bar of soap Mild soap Green Tea welcomes your guests with noble fragrance and good cleaning performance. It is packed in modern puristic design. Surprise your guests with luxurious wellness feeling and turn the guest bathroom into an elegant spa with Green Tea series!


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