Kick plate 2 pieces; 34×2.2×1.6 cm (LxDxH); silver; rectangular

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The practical kick protection complements the bar stools HAVANNA, TEATRO and TOSCA. Made of stainless steel you get this kick protection in an appealing look. As the kick protection is rustproof, unsightly rust spots are prevented. The TRITSCHUTZ series offers protection against wear on bar stools and tables. Due to the double-sided adhesive tape (included) on the inside of the kick guard, the baseboard is quick and easy to install. * Foot protection for bar stools * Material: stainless steel * Easy, fast and secure installation with double-sided adhesive tape (included in delivery) on the inside of the kick guard * The dimensions of the squat riser are 34.0 x 1.6 x 2.2 cm (LxHxD). * Content: foot protection for 2 barstools With us you get everything for the high demands of the gastronomy: Design products in good quality, at a good price – all from one source. Discover the matching bar stools for this kick protector!


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