Illuminated bar Ampelio round; 173x110x75 cm (WxHxD); white translucent

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Illuminated bar Ampelio Show with the illuminated bar Ampelio, where the music plays – or, where you can order delicious drinks! For special occasions, where a bar must not be missing. It is made of plastic, easy-care and very robust and thus ideal – also for outdoor events! It is made of one piece, can be set up accordingly fast and becomes the center of every celebration with the right bulbs. * Illuminated bar for indoor and outdoor use * Easy handling: Bar made in one piece * Individually to combine: round and half round bar possible * Made of easy-care, UV-resistant polyethylene * Temperature resistant between -60°C and +80°C: can be used all the year as an outdoor bar * Translucent: with bulbs great lighting effects are possible * Pleasant height of 110 cm With the illuminated bar Ampelio you are well equipped to properly align glamorous festivities and boisterous parties. Illuminates are not included, but must be purchased separately. Depending on which lighting you choose, you can use luminous furniture to create an ambience that matches to the occasion, which may, for example, be romantic, modern and even futuristic. The plastic bar is very durable and can be positioned and arranged as desired. Thus, you take into account the space and preferences of your guests and ensure that every celebration is an unforgettable experience.


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