French fries wire holder Namu; 12×16.5 cm (ØxH); black; round

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French fries wire holder Namu Crispy French fries are shown to their best advantage in the Namu wire holder. The sturdy holder is made of round and vertical wires, which create a spiral shape and at the same time give the construction stability. Since the French fries holder starts narrowly and becomes wider towards the top, it shows off fried food to best advantage. The French fries holder is made powder-coated metal, which is robustly processed and can withstand the demands of everyday catering. * French Fries Wire holder for serving French fries * Also suitable for other fried foods such as potato wedges * Spiral construction that widens towards the top * Stable and robust processing * Made of powder-coated metal * Not suitable for dishwashers * Size 12 x 16,5 cm The French fries wire holder Namu is sure to make an impression on your guests. Although the holder for French fries is not suitable for dishwashers, it is easy to clean, especially when used in conjunction with the matching greaseproof paper inserts. The French fries paper lines the holder and reliably catches excess grease. The metal holder has a sturdy construction.


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