Espresso saucer Contrast; 12 cm (Ø); white; round; 6 piece / Pack

6.821 kr.

40 á lager

Einingar: 6, Einingarverð: 1.137 kr.
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Porcelain series Contrast Are you a modern, trend-conscious restaurateur who prefers something special to the ordinary? Then our porcelain series> Contrast <clears the stage for your creative culinary art! The extensive food and coffee series is the star among the new designs you will receive exclusively from us. Let your imagination run free and combine the various parts to your heart’s content over and over again – regardless of whether you have “Contrast” in the catering area. B. with finger food or as a highlight of your perfectly set tables present. Because all parts can be combined in a multifunctional way – an advantage that creative restaurateurs appreciate! 10 years additional purchase guarantee! Dishwasher safe and microwaveable!


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