Door hanger Presto oval; 24×8.4 cm (LxW); white; oval; 10 piece / Pack

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With a door hanger your guests can show your service staff in front of the door if and what service they want. The door signs are made of cardboard and are printed on the front with the words “PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB / BITTE NICHT STÖREN / PRIÈRE DE NAS PAS DÉRANGER / POR FAVOR NO MOLESTAR” and red signal color. On the back there is a green sign “PLEASE CLEAN UP ROOM / BITTE ZIMMER REINIGEN / MERCI DE NETTOYER LA CHAMBRE / POR FAVOR LIMPIAR HABITATIÔN”. * door hangers for hotel rooms * cardboard * front side printed in red with “Please do not disturb” in four languages * back side printed in green with “Please clean room” in four languages * different basic colors selectable * available in packs of 10 With the help of the door hanger, your guests can quickly display whether they want privacy or whether the room should be cleaned by your staff. Depending on your ambience, you can choose from several basic colors, with information in four languages. The door signs can simply be hung on the door handle.


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