Door hanger Oregon GB/D/F/ES; 24×8 cm (LxW); bordeaux/green; oval; 5 piece / Pack

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The door hanger GB/D/F/ES immediately catches one’ s eye with its beautiful design and its high-quality imitation leather finish. The imitation leather door hanger has an elongated oval shape and is available in various colors – suitable for almost any ambience. A big advantage of the hotel door hanger is that it is multilingual. It bears the inscription “Please do not disturb” on one side and “Please clean your room” on the other in capital letters in four languages: German, French, English and Spanish. A great purchase for hotels with guests from all over the world! * door hangers for hotel use * made of imitation leather * high-quality look * oblong-oval shape * 2-sided imprint “Please do not disturb” or “Please clean room” in four languages: English, German, Spanish and French * easy-care, wipeable * available in several colors * package with 5 door hangers Hotels with an international flair are well equipped with the multilingual door hangers GB/D/F/ES. The door signs are not only aesthetically designed and extremely functional, they are also easy to clean. Stains can simply be wiped off the imitation leather door hangers.


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