Disposable fork Pure wood; 16.5 cm (L); natural; 100 piece / Pack

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Disposable fork Wooden fork is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic forks. The disposable wooden forks are biodegradable, compostable and even incinerable. The forks are made from birch wood, a natural, renewable resource. Plastic forks are often unstable in practice. Here, the wood scores with its stability. Thanks to the machine polishing, the wooden cutlery is splinter-free without additional treatment. The light birch wood is unbleached and convinces visually by its simple naturalness. The disposable cutlery has many advantages. * Disposable fork made of birch wood * Very stable and tasteless * Suitable for hot dishes * Biodegradable and 100% compostable * Splinter-free thanks to machine polishing without additives * In natural light color * Suitable for snack bars, catering, street food, to go * Other matching wooden cutlery available The environmentally friendly disposable fork allows for a light environmental footprint. To reduce the mountains of plastic waste, wood offers a sustainable alternative with many advantages. With the organic fork, you and your guests can use disposable cutlery with a clear conscience. Birch wood is a natural and rapidly renewable resource. Together with wooden spoons and wooden knives, you have a complete disposable cutlery set available for use in the catering industry. Because in some areas such as snack bars, catering, for street food or takeaway offers, disposable products are the most practical solution. Not only the production of the disposable forks, but also the disposal is environmentally friendly. The fork can be composted and returns to the cycle as natural fertilizer. Or you can simply burn the disposable birch wood cutlery in your fireplace, wood stove or barbecue. For harmless hygiene and quality of the products, they are packed in plastic. This eliminates harmful influences such as germs.


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