Cutlery cabinet Aldeno 100×105 cm; 100x38x105 cm (WxDxH); brown

169.785 kr.

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Very handy helpers are our extremely well-engineered cutlery cabinets, in which you’ll always have cutlery, menus and cruet stands ready to hand. At the same time, the cabinet can also serve as a decorative room divider, because its rear panel is veneered and varnished (color white is only lacquered). Completely mounted, practical drawer with 6 compartments (WxD 13×32 cm) or 3 compartments (WxD 17×32 cm) for cutlery, napkins and much more. The cutlery cabinets are lined with felt. In the side compartment of the door is a height-adjustable shelf (item 91691, 91908, 91692, 91690: WxD 36×38 cm, item 92917, 92919 WxD 58.5×33 cm). There are 2 or 3 shelves, the distance is 10 cm. In the open side compartment (only items 91691, 91908, 91692, 91690) there are two shelves (WxD 58×38 cm). Sample sets available. Real wood veneer! White is varnished! Delivered assembled!


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