Coffee/cappuccino saucer Bebida; 13 cm (Ø); white; round; 6 piece / Pack

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Coffee cup saucer Bebida The coffee saucer Bebida is a complement to the matching cup of the eponymous series and impresses with its elegant, withdrawn design. The slightly shiny surface gives the round coffee cup saucer a noble appearance. The rim is wide enough to put a coffee or teaspoon or biscuit on it. The coffee cup saucer is made of high quality porcelain, which is robust and easy to clean. * Round saucer for coffee cups of the series Bebida * Subtle, timeless design * With a sufficiently wide rim * Noble shiny surface * Versatile * Suitable for both classic and modern ambience * First-class processed * Made of high quality porcelain * Stackable * Easy to clean: Dishwasher safe and microwaveable * Printable on request With the coffee cup saucer Bebida, you not only get a matching saucer for the Bebida coffee cups, but also a functional tableware that scores with practical features. The porcelain saucer is easy and convenient to handle and, if necessary, can easily withstand use in the microwave. In addition, it can be cleaned daily in the dishwasher without becoming brittle or losing some of its shine.


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