Cloche Marilia; 28×30 cm (ØxH); transparent; round

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Cloche Marilia In the cloche Marilia small treats such as biscuits or tarts are shown to perfection. The bowl made of glass stands on a short, pleasing shaped stem, which opens into a stable foot. The matching cover has a button-like, round handle and can be removed for serving. The glass cloche is perfect for serving small treats and beautifies the reception area of ??a hotel as well as the breakfast buffet of a restaurant. * appealing glass cloche with removable hood * ideal for serving sweets of any kind * with a pleasantly designed short handle and a firm foot * decorative and functional * made of fine, mouthblown glass * Measurements of the cloche: Internal dimensions height 13 cm, external dimensions height 17 cm, diameter 26 cm * Dimensions of the presentation board: height 14.5 cm, diameter 28 cm * food safe * dishwasher safe Although the Cloche Marilia is ideal as a service cloche and for presenting culinary creations, such as crazy-designed finger food or intricately created desserts, suitable, but can also be used as a decorative glass. Since the glass can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, it is perfectly suited for everyday dining despite its filigree appearance.


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