Chafing dish Tacoma; size GN 1/1, 9000ml, 55x35x32 cm (WxDxH); silver; rectangular

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Chafing dish Tacoma With this chafing dish you can reliably keep food at the buffet warm and professionally present meat, side dishes, vegetables and much more. The chafing container is made of high-quality stainless steel that conducts heat effectively and enhances the overall appearance of any buffet thanks to its shiny silver look. The chafing dish comes to you with a lid and fuel paste containers and is delivered fully assembled. * rectangular chafing dish for heating and keeping food warm * including lid and 2 fuel paste containers * made of shiny chrome steel 18/0 * elegant silver appearance * very robust and easy to clean * no assembly necessary, assembled delivery * food-safe * for GN containers with a depth of max. 65 mm With the stainless steel chafing dish, you are ideally equipped to professionally arrange your buffet and provide guests with warm food over a long period of time. The robust and easy-care features of the food warmer make it an extremely useful utensil in everyday hotel and restaurant life.


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