Body lotion Amber Spa; pearl-white; 128 piece / Pack

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Body Lotion Amber Spa Amber Spa body lotion offers exquisite moisturizing care that will delight your guests. The hotel body lotion is of light consistency and soft shade in ivory. It is ideal for moisturizing your guests’ skin after a bath or shower. The body milk spreads well and is quickly absorbed. It leaves nothing but a soft and smooth skin feeling and a delicate fragrance. * Hotel quality body lotion * Ivory color * Dermatologically tested * High care factor, provides moisture * Selected ingredients * Exquisite and finest fragrances of fruits, spices and flowers: with peach, raspberry, bergamot, vanilla, white musk, violet, rose and lemongrass * Made in Europe * Without paraben * In a decorative 35 ml portion bottle with screw cap With the Amber Spa body lotion your guests will feel truly royal after the bath. The high-quality care can be felt and the gentle fragrance will accompany them throughout the day. Last but not least, the body milk convinces with its elegant, timeless packaging in a portion-sized flacon that fits into any ambience.


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