Bar caddy Widnes; 49.5x15x9 cm (LxWxH); black/transparent

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Bar garnish container Widnes With the Widnes bar garnish container, you’ll always have all the ingredients you need to prepare tasty cocktails neatly sorted and at hand. As a cocktail accessory in bars, the container will quickly prove to be a practical utensil that you won’t want to do without. Bar garnish container Widnes is made of plastic and comes to you including six inserts. * Bar container for cocktail garnishes * Practical bar accessories: all ingredients for cocktails quickly at hand * 6 inserts included * Made of sturdy, easy-care plastic * With hinged lid for quick opening and closing of the complete container * Inserts dishwasher safe up to 80°C Whether olives, strawberries, lemon or pineapple slices – in the Widnes bar garnish container you can easily accommodate all garnishes for cocktails and do not have to deal with individual bowls and dishes. Order is ensured and thus for a quick preparation of exotic drinks. In the plastic container is a hygienic storage of cocktail ingredients possible, in addition, it can be closed if necessary with the help of a lid.


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