Bain-Marie with water drain tap; 59x34x24 cm (WxHxD); silver

51.940 kr.

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Einingar: 1, Einingarverð: 51.940 kr.


Bain-Marie for keeping food warm in a water bath. The water bath guarantees even heat distribution. So nothing can burn, and stirring is not necessary. Made of chrome-nickel stainless steel 18/10, rustproof. Suitable for 1/1 GN containers and all corresponding combinations up to 150 mm depth. Suitable for continuous operation. Stepless adjustable up to 90 °C. With heat-up control light and indicator light on/off. 2-year warranty. Please also order matching GN containers. Connected load: 1,2 kW/230 V; Capacity: 1/1 GN, 150 mm deep; Weight: 8 kg.


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